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Multi-Purpose Dry Sack

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Keep your dog walking routines mess-free with the Multi-Purpose Dry Sack! This convenient and durable sack easily stores your pup's poop* and carries more of your dog's favorite treats and toys. Its waterproof fabric keeps your things safe and dry in any weather! Organize your walks and make them mess-free with the Multi-Purpose Dry Sack.


  • affectionately know as the "poop pouch" by our ambassador dog walkers
  • fit ups to 20 bags of dog waste*
  • keeps scents in and while keeping the elements out
  • front utility strap for SNAP-ON Bag Dispenser or any of your favorite accessories
  • keep your dog's favorite dry food fresh for the duration your journey
  • use as a water bowl for drinking
  • can be used for soiled baby diapers as well
  • secure your favorite accessory to front utility strap
  • keep food sealed from being tracked wildlife
  • store dirty or wet garments away from main pack
*amount of bag capacity vary among size


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