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Classic Compostable Dog Bags

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Eliminate your carbon pawprint with these earth-friendly compostable poop bags – just fill, tie and dispose! Our 100% biodegradable bags maintain durability without compromising sustainability. Go green and guilt-free while keeping your pup and parks clean!

Why choose compostable poop bags?

#ZEROWASTE! Our compostable waste bags are entirely made from eco-friendly biodegradable material so they leave no carbon footprint on the environment. 

How do they works?

When exposed to the elements, our bags break down into organic, non toxic compounds which allows them to be recycled into nutrient rich soil (cities that allow pet waste into the green cart programs can be seen  HERE)

Does this mean they tear easily?

NO! Our bags are as tough and strong as mother nature can make them. Never worry about them breaking when on a hike, walk or run, even if they've been in the car for awhile. They will keep waste sealed and safe until a proper disposal place can be found.

There are so many poop bags on the market how can I be sure these are truly compostable?

Some products use clever wording and marketing to mislead people into believing their products are compostable. We however, are proudly certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute, which ensures products go through rigorous testing to meet the standards of true compostability. You can confirm our certification by clicking the logo below or to read more click on the Certification tab.

Biodegradable Products Institue BPI Compostable Certification



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